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Iomic Grips: 100% Waterproof Grip Technology

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Sometimes there are companies that come ahead of its time. And then sometimes there are technologies that the Western world takes notice just a little bit later than the rest. IOMIC Grips is one of these brands, that have for years dominated the golf grips market in Asia, and produced some of the highest quality products in the golf industry.

Japan IOMIC introduced their first grip, the X-Grip with a revolutionary elastomer called IOMAX. IOMAX is unique because it provides 3 benefits -

100% Water Resistance

What does it mean when your grip is waterproof? Think windshield wipers. No amount of moisture can stick to it. In addition to keeping your contact with the club tight, Iomic grips won't suffer from water damage. No more wear and tear from sweat, rain, or hot-sticky days on the course.

Complete UV Protection

Often times UV protection is overlooked in golf products. But really, it's what causes dryness and cracking with typical rubber grips. IOMAX technology eliminates this deconstruction caused by the sun. IOMIC grip players say their grips "look and feel like new even after the 20th round".

Low Torque with a Soft Feel

Torque is the amount of twist in the grip at impact. Too much torque will lead to inconsistent shots. Shaft makers try to make shafts that suppress torque and twisting. However, if you’re using a grip with torque, it will reduce the effectiveness of the shaft.  At IOMIC, we focus on torque, an often-overlooked part of golf club development.

Ordinarily soft grips have a lot of torque. However, scientific studies show that IOMIC grips, made with our “IOMAX” material and unique surface design, have both a soft feel and a firm texture, minimizing torque, and resulting in a more stable grip that will lead to more accurate shots.

We're excited to be expanding our offerings of IOMIC Grips at

Here's a quick breakdown of Iomic's staple offerings -


The X-Grip: Iomic's first ever grip. It's the original with its unique pattern of crosses and diamonds which help you grip the club with the perfect amount of pressure. Even with high swing speeds, you won't experience grip twisting. Super contact with a firm feel.


The X-Evolution. This is the next generation of the X-Grip. Larger outer diameter and deeper X pattern gives excellent traction equivalent to a cord grip.


The Sticky 1.8 is designed to be incredibly soft, with great tackiness while minimizing torque. It's suitable for all playing styles and even ranked with tour pros.


Sticky 2.3 is slightly larger in diameter (22.3mm compared with 21.8mm of the Sticky 1.8) and a few grams heavier as well. This is the Standard size for the Sticky line.


Sticky Mid is the midsize version of the popular Sticky line. A firm inner core, and a soft surface layer featuring the IOMAX material provides swing perfect feel and traction. (Also available in a Sticky Jumbo)


The X-Grip Opus (coming soon) incorporates the effective patterns from the original X-Grip with a unique marble formula for a fresh and bold new look.


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