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Popular Golf Grips This Season

Golf Grips – Shop All Top Brands


At Grips4less, we make it our mission to offer the best and biggest selection of golf grips, golf shafts, and club-building supplies you'll find anywhere! 


Golf grips are the only point of contact you actually have with your golf club. Which is why it's important to choose the right grip for your game.


Selecting a golf grip involves several different factors, one of the most important of which is the golf grip brand. Let's review some of the key features of the top brands we carry, along with each brand's style, technologies, and price-points.


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How To Shop for Golf Grips

Shopping for new golf grips can seem daunting, given the large selection of brands and styles. But we're here to help guide you in your search for the best grip for your game. Here are 5 key features of every golf grip you need to know and consider before making a purchase.


1) Golf Grip (Outer Diameter) Size

Golf grips come in 6 different diameter sizes: Standard, Midsize, Oversize/Jumbo, Undersize, and Junior. Every manufacture has a slightly different definition of diameter sizing, but in general Standard grips are around 1" in diameter. Midsize and Oversize/Jumbo grips can vary quite a bit, but in general will range around 1.2" to 1.4" in diameter. A standard method of measuring diameter will typically be 5cm below the butt end of the grip (usually where the upper hand wrist aligns with the grip). Similarly, Undersize and Junior grips will fall below 1" in diameter, sometimes nearing 0.8" or below. Because hands (and fingers) come in different shapes and sizes, it's important to try holding an installed grip before committing to changing the size of your golf grips for your entire set. 
Use the menu on the left column (under Shop by Size) to find the right golf grip size.


2) Golf Grips Styles

Golf Grips come in many different styles but pretty much fall into one of these categories: Velvet style, One-Piece style, Wrap style and Hybrid style. The Velvet style grip was made popular by Golf Pride's flagship Tour Velvet collection, which features small repeating patterns of crosses which provide a light texture traction for control without sacrificing feel. The One-Piece style of grip was made popular more recently with styles like the Winn Dri-tac and Golf Pride CP2 Pro, which feature a light texture to help provide visually enhancing patters and non-slip gripping. The Wrap style is a simulated 1-piece style but using a wrap design. The Winn Excel is a popular wrap style grip, as well as the Golf Pride Tour Wrap and Jumbomax Wrap grips. The Hybrid style is a newer more modern style that utilizes 2 or more different materials. The Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound is one of the most notable Hybrid grips, which use a softer rubber for the lower hand and cord (for traction) in the upper hand.

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3) Golf Grip Feel

Most golf grips will fall into one of three "feel" categories: Soft, Medium, and Firm. Feel is mostly a personal preference. But if you prefer a soft grip, it's important to select a grip that has a stable core and will produce minimal torque so there is no twisting during the swing. The Golf Pride CP2 grips address this with a stabilizing inner core, as does the IOMIC Moebius LTC ("Low Torque Core") grips. If you prefer a firmer feel, many cord grips and velvet-style grips will provide this along with sharper feedback.

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4) Golf Grip Moisture Management

If you live in a wet weather or high moisture level climate, you'll want to make sure the golf grip you choose has high moisture management which will help it last longer and provide non-slip performance. Some cord grip styles are great for wet weather playing, along with many composite material golf grips, such as the Winn Dri-Tac grips. IOMIC golf grips are also known to provide extended durability due to being 100% UV and water resistant, so they will not crack or fade.

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5) Golf Grip Core Size (Insider Diameter)

The majority of golf grips have an inside diameter of around 0.580" to 0.600". This is because most golf shafts have an outer diameter of this measurement as well. Commonly, club-builders will look to match the core size of the golf grip to the outer diameter of the golf shaft. In some rare cases, club-builders will want to install a 0.580" core size grip onto a 0.600" butt diameter shaft which will increase the outer diameter of the grip just slightly. In addition, there are grips that are smaller in diameter (usually for undersize or junior shafts ranging from 0.500" to 0.560"), or much larger (for bubble shafts, around 0.800" or higher). 

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This is my first time installing a golf grip. What do I need to know?

Congrats! Installing your first grip is a big step towards improving your game. We cover all aspects on the install process here: How-To Regrip Your Clubs (be sure to watch the installation video for the brand of grips you purhased) and review this article: How-To Use Grip Tape.


Help! I'm not sure what golf grips to choose.

That's what we're here for! Please contact us so we can find out more about your game, and what type of golf grips would work best for you.


What is the difference between 58R and 60R grips?  

Both are considered standard sizes and most people consider the difference to be rather insignificant.  Some grips only come in the 60R standard size.  If you install the 58R grip on a 60R, it will be very slightly bigger (1/32") but most players cannot tell the difference.  


Why is my bubble grip the same size as a standard grip?

All bubble grips are designed to have the same outer diameter as a standard grip. This means that uninstalled, a bubble grip will look identical to a standard grip. The only difference between the two is the thickness and feel of the grip. The material of a bubble grip is much thinner and softer than a regular grip and will be able to stretch onto the bubble shaft with the use of a special tool (hint: see next question).


Can I install a bubble grip using the same method as a standard grip?

No. A bubble grip can ONLY be installed with a special bubble grip installer tool, such as the Ultimate Grip Installer. Because bubble grips are meant to be stretched onto the shaft, they will not be properly installed if you try to push or slide it onto the shaft the same way as a regular grip. 


What's the difference between ribbed and round golf grips? 

From the outside, both round and ribbed grips look identical. However, on the inside there is a small ridge that runs the length of the inside of the grip. Only after a ribbed grip is properly installed will you be able to feel the ridge. When you address the golf ball with your club, you'll be able to feel this rib in your upper hand. Some golfers benefit from this as a reminder of proper hand/finger placement on the club. A round grip, of course, does not have this ridge.


What is the best solvent to use for re-gripping?

We sell tape solvent (made by Brampton Technologies) in all our grip kits. But you should know that this solvent is actually NOT the most effective one for re-gripping. We use it and sell it here because it is the only one safe enough to meet all California environmental regulations. A better option would be mineral spirits which makes the tape very slippery and easy for the grip to slide on. You can purchase mineral spirits at any hardware or home improvement store.


Why do you need solvent for re-gripping?

Solvent is only used to activate the (stickiness of the) tape. You can re-use it a few times, before it dries, which is usually why club-builders allow the solvent to drip into a pan while re-gripping.


Have questions about your order, shipping, or returns? See our Grips4less FAQ here. 


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