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You might find your answer here in one of our Helpful Articles. Or see below for frequently asked questions!


1. Will I receive grip tape with my grip order? Grip tape is NOT included with individual grip orders. Only Grip Kit Bundles include tape (+ solvent). To purchase grip tape separately, shop here.


2. What type of payments do you accept? We accept PayPal and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


3. Why can't I check out or see my shopping cart? If you are having problems seeing your shopping cart or checking out on the site, you may be browsing with an older version of Internet Explorer that is not compatible with our security settings. You can try to checkout using another browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, a different version of Internet Explorer). If you are still experiencing an issue, please contact us and request a call back to place a phone order.

4. What is your return policy? Returns can be made within 60 days after you've received the original order. Returns are accepted only on unopened, unused products, and non-customized assembled items. View our full returns policy for more details.

5. How do I regrip my clubs?  Review this article on Everything You Need to Know about Regripping

**Please note that Grips4Less is not responsible for any damage due to improper installation of golf grips. 


6. How will you ship my items? For US orders, We ship using Fedex and USPS. A shipping confirmation e-mail will be sent at the time of shipment. If your package is returned 'undeliverable' it will not be reshipped. You will be returned the original purchase price, but not the shipping charges. If your order qualified for free shipping, there will be a $6.99 return-shipping-fee added if you'd like us to resend the package to another address. Please make sure the shipping address is accurate and notify us immediately if there is an error.  Once your order has shipped, we will not be able to change the shipping address. View our full shipping policy for more details.


7. What is the difference between 58R and 60R grips?  Both are considered standard sizes and most people consider the difference to be rather insignificant.  Some grips only come in the 60R standard size.  If you install the 58R grip on a 60R, it will be very slightly bigger (1/32") but most people cannot tell the difference.  


8. Why is my bubble grip the same size as a standard grip? All bubble grips are designed to have the same outer diameter as a standard grip. This means that uninstalled, a bubble grip will look identical to a standard grip. The only difference between the two is the thickness and feel of the grip. The material of a bubble grip is much thinner and softer than a regular grip.


9. Can I install a bubble grip using the same method as a standard grip? No. A bubble grip can ONLY be installed with a special bubble grip installer tool, such as the Ultimate Grip Installer. Because bubble grips are meant to be stretched onto the shaft, they will not be properly installed if you try to push it onto the shaft the same way as a regular grip. 


10. What's the difference between ribbed and round grips?  From the outside, both round and ribbed grips look identical. However, on the inside of a ribbed grip there is a small ridge that runs the length of the inside of the grip. Only after a ribbed grip is properly installed will you be able to feel the ridge. When you address the golf ball with your club, you'll be able to feel this rib in your upper hand. Some golfers benefit from this as a reminder of proper hand/finger placement on the club. A round grip does not have this ridge.


11. Why is my IOMIC grip manufactured in Thailand? Are these grips authentic? 

Yes, we only carry authentic IOMIC grips that come direct from the manufacturer. Since 2014, some IOMIC grips have been manufactured in Thailand. The quality and construction remains exactly the same as the grips manufactured in Japan. They use the same machines, materials and standards. We cannot guarantee authenticity on other sites or retailers as some do sell fake models such as eBay. Not all production has moved to Thailand; models such as the X-Grip, X-Evolution, Putter Grip 65g/75g, are still manufactured in Japan.  


12. Do you offer volume pricing for businesses and golf courses? You can apply for a wholesale account with our parent company. To purchase golf grips, shafts, and supplies at wholesale prices, please request "Wholesale purchasing" by  contacting us here