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PURE Grips: 100% Made in the USA

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Grips4less is committed to bringing you the biggest and best selection of golf products, and our latest offering pairs perfectly with our mission. PURE Grips is our newest (and 11th) line of golf grips we are now offering! You'll love these fantastic grips. PURE Grips are 100% Made in the USA which means quality, innovation, and yes, even value!

Made in the USA = 100% Quality

Few companies these days manufacture their products in the US. PURE Grips uses only 100% Natural Rubber at their local plant in Mesa, Arizona. Their quality is second to none, and their tolerances are the tightest in the industry (+/-1g). We're thrilled to support this American brand and PURE Grips backs every grip they make with their 1 year "durability & feel warranty". Yup, ONE YEAR. If you play a lot of golf, this is real value.

Innovation in Manufacturing

PURE Grips has created a new standard in manufacturing. Using an innovative injection mold process, each grip is made from a single piece of rubber. This means there are no seams to close, and no parts to glue together. What you get is a solid grip that provides exceptional durability and feel.

10-Second Installation

Did you just say 10-seconds to install a grip? Yes. 10 SECONDS. I don't know about you, but this makes us a little giddy. Who likes to sit around waiting for grips to dry? And, get this - no more grip tape or solvent! Just pop on the grips with the PURE Grips installer, and  you're ready to roll.

Ready to learn more? Here’s a quick breakdown of PURE Grips most popular offerings to get you started:


Pure Pro - $5.50 for colored grips / $4.50 for black

The most popular PURE grip, the Pure Pro is a firm grip with a uniform traction groove surface. Great for experienced players who prefer a rougher feel, maximum feedback and alternative to cord grips. Also available in midsize and undersize, in a myriad of colors.


P2 Wrap - $5.50 for colored grips / $4.50 for black

The P2 Wrap is the tackiest (and softest) grip in the line-up and features a perforated wrap design. The P2 fits golfers with standard size hands that prefer a slightly softer, more muted feel at impact. This grip is great for wet or humid locations and for those that really like a tacky feeling grip that will absorb any vibration.


Pure Midsize Wrap - $5.50 for colored grips / $4.50 for black

For golfers that need a slightly larger size grip but like the softness of a wrap, this grip features a perforated wrap design that helps cushion contact. Also great for golfers who struggle with joint problems.

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