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Alpha Platinum UNBREAKABLE Iron Shaft


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  • UNBREAKABLE Lifetime Guarantee
  • Performance mid-launch graphite iron shafts
  • High modulus fiber for lightweight strength
  • Weight range: 50g to 73g
  • Parallel 0.370" tip
  • Charcoal Matte finish

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Exceptional Feel + UNBREAKABLE Lifetime Guarantee

Alpha Golf graphite shafts are designed for a lifetime of consistent performance and lossless energy transfer. Alpha Platinum Iron shafts produce an exceptionally smooth feel, yet are strong enough to harness the energy of even the fastest swingers. These versatile shafts come in a extensive selection of weights, frequencies, and flexes. Incorporating "S-Carbon 500" modulus fiber, this durable graphite shaft produces consistent and accurate launches with minimal dispersion. So your shots will stay straight and fly far! The Platinum Iron series comes in a 50, 60, and 70 weight ranges to fit all types of player profiles and playing levels. 

Every Alpha Golf Platinum shaft comes with a UNBREAKABLE Lifetime Guarantee against chipping or breakage. 

Alpha Golf has been designing durable, high-performance golf equipment since 1992.

Platinum 70 Iron Specifications
Flex Length Weight Launch Angle Butt OD Tip OD Tip Parallel Torque CPM Trim Code
S 41 72 Mid 0.595 .370 5 3.3 289 B
R 41 73 Mid 0.595 .370 5 3.3 275 B
A 41 72 Mid 0.595 .370 5 3.3 262
L 41 72 Mid 0.595 .370 5 3.3 241

Platinum 60 Iron Specifications
Flex Length Weight Launch Angle Butt OD Tip OD Tip Parallel Torque CPM Trim Code
S 41 65 Mid 0.600 .370 4 2.9 290 A
R 41 61 Mid 0.600 .370 3 3.1 275 A
A 41 60 Mid 0.600 .370 4 2.9 260
L 41 61 Mid 0.600 .370 3 2.9 245

Platinum 50 Iron Specifications
Flex Length Weight Launch Angle Butt OD Tip OD Tip Parallel Torque CPM Trim Code
A 41 54 Mid 0.580 .370 5 5 250 B
L 42 53 Mid 0.580 .370 5 4.2 235 B
LL 42 50 Mid 0.580 .370 5 4.9 215

Trim Codes
A: Trim to length from butt
B: Tip 1/2" increments: 3 through wedge

Customer Reviews

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grips and golf shaft

I have dealt with grips4less and am always very satisfied. I enjoy dealing with them.
Jack Haiken

Great Shafts

I want to be fitted from existing AP2 irons. I'm currently using Project X shafts which I have been using for several years. I have no problem with my irons, just when recently I hurt my back and I started to ask myself like 'Am I still using the right club for since I have not been "fitted" when I got this off the racks( just from seller's assessment based on my swing). I went t a club fitter, and he did his thing...club fitters suggestion is for me to use a graphite shaft which will benefit more like lessen vibration on my arm and shoulder and will add more distance. After assessing all the graphite shafts that I have tested pricing now comes to the picture...The one that I like is way too expensive. The club fitter suggested me this brand ALPHA Platinum shafts, first I was so hesitant about this club since it doesn't ring a bell to me and It's not also cheap though it's half the price of an Aerotech steelfiber" after reading all the specs from from websites that are carrying this brand I finally give it a try since I don't want to spend like $700 for 8 clubs (fitting and installations ). Wow... I'm so glad I gave it a try. Big difference from ball flight during the first test and I love it...Should I say I dropped my ego from Steel to Graphite shafts but it's now giving a higher percentage on my GIR should I say. Give it a try the next time you have your club fitting just find the right fitter and shaft for you. Alpha Graphite shafts BTW are being used by players from World Longest Drive tournaments, and it's back by a lifetime warranty on chipping and shaft breakage. 100% full replacement to give you peace of mind and how confident they are on their products.


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7248 reviews
really great grip

I have been struggling with my putting for some time. 3 and 4 putts. I decided to try the Garsen MAX . My thumbs are not straight down the shaft, but on an angle. Much to my surprise, I was down to 1 or 2 and occasionally a 3 putt. I rarely made a 1 putt , but I was able to drain some 15' and 20 footers. I am not embarrassed in front of my friends like I used to be. If you haven't noticed, I really really like this grip.

Happy with results

First timer. Tape worked as expected.

All you need if you have workbench vise.

Simple to use and fast. All I'll need for personal use. First timer and had no problems re-gripping wife's graphite irons and woods.

Easy install. No fumes or hand irritation.

First time regripping. Worked well. I let dry 24 hours butt end down. No slippage. Non-toxic so easier on hands than mineral spirits. Used tray to catch excess for reuse. Remember to shake before using. Overall, very happy.

good traction and durable

Wife loves them. Good value. Easy install