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Wedge Shafts: 3 Reasons You Need a Specialized Wedge Shaft

Wedge Shafts: 3 Reasons You Need a Specialized Wedge Shaft

Lynn Berkowitz |

Many players use the same iron shaft in their wedge clubs. But here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider a specially designed wedge shaft for your high pitching clubs, and how they can help your game.


#1) Your wedge game is about accuracy

Playing the same shaft as your irons in your wedge clubs may downplay the importance of your wedge game. When you're making your approach shot, you want your wedge to perform with as much precision and accuracy as possible. Getting the ball closest to the pin is the goal. With the USGAs 2010 regulation change on wedge grooves, shaft manufacturers recognized that even though the head may deliver reduced spin on the ball, we can make up for the difference with a more specialized shaft.



#2) Wedge flexes are different from traditional flexes. 

Iron shafts are typically offered in Reg, Stiff, X-Stiff, and maybe a few more. While these flexes should reflect your swing tempo and frequency, your wedge shaft needs to match the type of approach shot you'd like to make, which depends on the lie, bounce angle, and sole grind of the wedge club itself. Many shaft manufacturers have recognized this and introduced a "Wedge" flex that will allow a more methodical shot perform with an active tip section for higher spin and more accuracy.



#3) Evaluate each wedge differently

In additional to treating your wedge and iron shafts differently, you may also want to evaluate each individual wedge club to optimize for the type of swing and shot control you need. For example, with your pitching wedge, you'll mostly use to make full shots which can benefit from thicker shaft walls for a firmer, stable feel. For higher lofted wedges though you'll use for half-pitches of lighter shots, a thinner wall can help give you higher trajectory and a more exacting spin.



In this quick 1-minute video, True Temper talks about what a Wedge flex actually means in terms of stiffness:


We recommend consulting with a professional club-fitter on the best wedge shafts for your game.


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