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UV Resistant Golf Grips | What You Need to Know

UV Resistant Golf Grips | What You Need to Know

Oliver Price |


It's common knowledge to replace your grips 2x a season*. But the reason for this isn't as commonly known. Most grips can't last as long as you'd like partly because of exposure to the elements and the breakdown of materials over time.

Also, the more you swing your clubs, the weaker the grip material becomes due to normal stress, and wear-and-tear. But did you know, the exposure to UV rays is also a major factor in how quickly a grip breaks down. UV rays are a type of powerful radiation that over time, breaks down the basic molecular structure of every day materials, including the composites that hold together our golf grips? It's the reason why many golf grips fade and crack, after being exposed to the sun.

Recent trends in grip technology have introduced new lines of rubber composite materials that are UV resistant and will keep grips looking and performing like new, longer. Your grips will stay in tact longer, and you'll get more play out of them before having to re-grip. The first manufacture to feature this technology was IOMIC Grips (made in Japan and Thailand). And now Lamkin has also begun touting "UV resistance" as a feature of their newer grip styles as well.

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Need help finding the right grips for your game? Reach out to us here. Even though we have thousands of grips to choose from, and we can help narrow down the selection to find the perfect grip for you.

*Playing frequency can lower the lifespan of your grips, along with how much pressure you place on the grips during each swing.