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The Popular Vote

The Popular Vote

Carol Suh |


On this historic election day, we're pondering some deep thoughts on how important the popular vote is... for golf grips. Sure, the Top 10 Most Popular Golf Grips may be important to know, and one of these styles might catch your eye. Perhaps everyone at the club plays the same grip, so it's natural for you to think it'll work for you as well. But the game of golf has nothing to do with the popular vote. Finding the right grip for you might mean experimenting with new styles (WrapHybridCordSoft), different sizes (UndersizeMidsize, or Oversize), and shapes (like Align or Calibrate).

Whether or not you find yourself playing one of the popular styles, we want to remind you that what counts is that you have the freedom and right to choose. So go on. Get out. Exercise your right to vote... er.. we mean, choose the right grip for your game today.* :)


*Here at Grips4less, we respect the right of every golfer to choose the right grip for them. We will not discriminate against you if you play with bubble grips, heavy grips, light grips, tacky grips, or even if you play without gloves. We may raise an eyebrow if we see you play with worn out grips. But then we will remind ourselves this is why we exist. We will seek to bridge the divide by respectfully asking questions, and learning about you as golfer. We will not judge you by your vote grip choice.