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Non-tapered Putter Grips

Carol Yeh |

You know the feeling. You’re playing and swinging great. Nice long shots off the tee. Until you get to the green, and it’s time to putt. Arms straight, steady goes it. You imagine a nice pendulum putt, but the swing doesn’t follow. And you end up wobbly, and putting a little too fast, or off to the left. It happens to all of us. Why? Because our arms aren’t naturally stiff (ie. made of cardboard). And after swinging your woods and irons in full range, your body is used to a faster motion. Which is completely opposite of what a putt should be.

We can’t all be Jason Dufners when it comes to golf. But we can take advantage of a simple type of putter grip technology that seems to help his putting game quite a lot.


One trend in putter grips is a design that helps to address the stability and straightness of your putt. A non-tapered, larger diameter putter grip can do just this. And there’s no company better versed in non-tapered design that Super Stroke. They’ve even got a patent on this, calling it the best way to putt “straight-back, straight-through” to the hole.



The signature Super Stroke non-tapered putter is the Fatso 5.0. It’s their widest model, at 1.7” in diameter. Players insist that the wider diameter helps relieve tension in their hands and wrists (imagine trying to grasp a small marble, verses holding a basketball). By reducing this stress, your hands will naturally hold the putter with a lighter grip, which top professionals and teaching pros promote as a key to good putting.


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