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Carol Yeh |

I know tacky. You know tacky. We try to avoid tacky,.. most of the time, right? True, but not when it comes to golf grips.

Grip tackiness, or "gripability", is actually a critical factor in how the grip performs in your hands. As we delved into our inventory of over 175 different golf grip models, we noticed that many of them are now touting "tacky" as one of the benefits. So we decided to do some research on what exactly "tacky" mean and how it can benefit your game.


#1) Tacky means more contact

By more contact, we actually mean you can grip the club with less force or pressure. Gripping the club lightly (like your teaching pro is always harping about), gives you more control. Think smoother swings,.. with finesse!

This video by Lamkin gives a good illustration on how tackiness is measured in grips:


#2) Tacky might feel sticky

To the touch, tacky grips will naturally have a stickier feel when you run your fingers across it. It's essentially more friction, without the heavy texture. If your hands prefer a smoother feel but have trouble holding onto a grip, then a tacky grip will fix that. 


#3) Tacky can be soft OR firm 

Many players think tacky automatically means soft. There are some models though that provide a tacky yet firmer feel. These grips, like the PURE DTX models appeal to players that prefer more feedback from their clubs. 


Here are our top picks for TACKY golf grips:

Winn Dri-Tac Midsize Grip


Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G


IOMIC "Black Armor" Stick Evolution 2.3


Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN



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