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5 Most Popular Grip Styles

Carol Yeh |

#1) Soft Golf Grips

Soft grips are especially beneficial for beginner players or golfers who suffer from hand fatigue. The true benefit of a soft grip though is that it helps to absorb shock at impact and alleviate any harsh feedback from the club and shaft.

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#2) Cord Golf Grips

Cord grips are usually firmer and will provide moisture wicking benefits. The feedback with cord grips will be immediate which is ideal for many advanced players and shot makers.

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#3) Hybrid Golf Grips

Hybrids grips aim to maximize both feel and performance. The lower portion of the grip is usually rubber or a composite that is soft and provides comfort. The upper portion is cord (or a cord combination with rubber) which will be firmer. With this combination, your upper hand will be able to apply ideal pressure to transfer maximum power, and your lower hand will apply a lighter grip for better control and accuracy.

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#4) Tacky Golf Grips

If there’s one word that described golf grip trends for 2013, it’s “tacky”. Tacky grips help your hands achieve a lighter, yet more powerful grip. Instead of relying on traction, tacky grips give you better accuracy and control, with minimal surface texture. Similar to a high performance tire, tacky grips maintain consistent contact with your hands regardless of weather condition.

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#5) Oversize / Jumbo Golf Grips


Usually the size of a grip is not really considered a style. Jumbo or Oversize grips however have made their way into becoming one of the most popular types of grips this year. With oversize grips, your hands will resist over-gripping, which can lead to unnecessary wrist movement.

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