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The Best Undersize Grips for Women & Junior Golfers

Carol Yeh |

Learning the game is, well let's face it - anything but easy. Which is why it's becoming more and more important to start with the right equipment. Undersize grips may look like smaller versions of standard grips. But they are also uniquely made for smaller hands and typically players that may have a slower tempo.


Junior grips are great for children and younger teens. Undersize grips typically fit women and older teen golfers.


Out of our comprehensive collection of 23 undersize & junior grip styles, here are our top picks:


Best Junior Grip

Comfort and feel are extremely important for juniors just starting out in golf and can make or break the experience of learning. The Winn Dri-tac series offers great tackiness and shock absorption for young golfers. 

Best Firm Undersize Grip

Looking for an undersize grip that gives you solid feedback? The Lamkin Crossline is a firmer grip offering great all-weather traction and feel for non-slip performance.

Best Soft Undersize Grip

Touted as one of the softest grips on the market, the Winn Excel Ladies/Undersize grip features a popular spiral wrap design for a glove-less feel. This grip is also great for alleviating arthritis or hand discomfort while playing.

Best Tacky Undersize Grip

If you're looking for tacky, look no further. The Iomic Sticky 1.8 grips provide outstanding tacky feel with low torque. So you can be sure your shots are launching straight to the target. 

Best Ribbed Undersize Grip

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet series is a simple yet high-performing grip, offering players of all levels great traction with a ribbed (or reminder) hand placement feature.

Best Rubber Undersize Grip

PURE Grips are 100% seamless rubber grips made in the USA. These grips are firm and tacky and provide maximum water and heat resistance. Perfect for those long practice sessions!

Best Stylish Undersize Grip

Who says small can't be stylish? These gorgeous grips are fun and highly functional. The Opus 3 is a colorful and unique version of IOMIC's Sticky 1.8 series.

Best Undersize Putter Grip

Dual Durometer grips by Golf Pride feature 2 distinct surface textures for your top and bottom hands. Better feel means more consistency and accuracy on the greens!

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