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Most Popular Golf Cleats: Grips for Your Feet!

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Every piece of your golf equipment matters. But we believe nothing matters more than the equipment that's actually connected to you. We started Grips4less because without a great golf grip, you can't perform a great swing. This is also true for your cleats. Without great golf cleats the power in your swing could be dissipated into the friction of your shoes with the ground.

We've compiled our most popular golf cleats and how they will instantly benefit your game:


The revolutionary Black Widow Tour cleats by Softspikes are the first golf cleats with an adjustable comfort setting. Flexible legs with secondary traction elements and cushioning towers makes these self-adjusting cleats all about performance, all day long.



Black Widow Classic cleats is the first signature line to incorporate Dynamic Cleat Technology (DCT) to the golf industry. What you get is an exceptional grip that allows cleats to flex on putting surfaces, while also providing superior traction and comfort.



Pulsar Cleats incorporates a 16 component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer. The result is enhanced strength, responsiveness, and more flexibility. The reinforced arched webbing between each leg of the cleat delivers instant energy return every time the cleat is compressed.



Cyclone is a multi-material cleat with an advanced rotational design to counteract the forces seen during impact. Also created with Dynamic Cleat Technology, the Cyclone series is a favorite among Tour players with 8 PGA Tour wins to date.

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