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Top 10 Golf Grips Roundup

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It's that time of year again! We're here to bring you our roundup of the Top 10 Golf Grips.



1) Winn Dri-tac

Without a doubt, the Dri-tac grips by Winn are a huge hit. MASSIVE. And we love the name because it says it all. Your hands stay dry no matter what weather you're playing in. The soft tacki comfort provides great non-slip control.


2) Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

The  original Tour Wrap by Golf Pride was introduced almost a decade ago. And it's longevity tells us that's its a winning grip when it comes to wrap style performance. The new 2G technology combines the "the look and feel of luxury leather with the durability and performance of high-tack rubber."


3) Avon Chamois

The "Air Cushioned Absorption" system developed by Avon is what gives the Chamois grips its uniquely soft, comfortable control. The comfort is so remarkable, that the Chamois is our #1 pick for players looking for arthritis relief.


4) Lamkin R.E.L. 3Gen

Featuring it's Minimal Surface Pattern design, the Lamkin R.E.L. 3Gen grips actually maximize surface area contact with your hands, providing enough pattern for comfort and a load of tackiness. This reduces the tension necessary to maintain control through swing and impact.


5) Lamkin Crossline

A true classic when it comes to rubber grips, the Lamkin Crossline features a distinctive, densely spaced pattern that promotes light grip tension and provides superior lateral traction. What does this really mean? No hands sliding around your grip even given its popular firm texture.


6) Golf Pride Tour Velvet

A mainstay in the Golf Pride grip family, the Tour Velvet is lauded for its non-slip surface pattern design made with an exclusive rubber-blend compound for playability and comfort. This grip is so ubiquitous even today many manufacturers base their designs on it.


7) PURE Grips Pure Pro

Made in the USA, the PURE Grip Pure Pro is a uniquely firm grip with a uniform traction groove surface. Recommended for experienced players who prefer a rougher feel, maximum feedback and alternative to cord grips.


8) Iomic Sticky

The Iomic Stick grips feature IOMAX - a revolutionary technology that will not hold an ounce of moisture, helping to keep your grip dry and in contact all throughout your swing. In addition, the IOMAX is also completely UV resistant. This means no fading, drying, or cracking. These grips will feel brand new whether it's your first round or your 20th round.


9) Winn Excel Soft

The iconic Excel series by Winn is made to provide exceptional tackiness and comfort. Its also a great choice for shock absorption and vibration dampening, perfect for golfers needing extra cushioning in their hands for arthritis and fatigue.


10) Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound

Undoubtedly one of the most innovative grips on the market. The New Decade Multicompound series fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord using its exclusive black Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a soft rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate control and responsiveness.

This list is formed by the top-selling golf grips of 2013, along with a panel of independent judges of professional players, club-builders, amateurs, and our very own grip gurus! Thanks for watching folks - and stay tuned for our weekly G4L special. :)