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What is Club-Fitting and Why is it Important?

Carol Suh |


You may know some aspects of what it means to have a fitting done for your golf clubs. But the term is used loosely nowadays from teaching pros to retail golf reps that the true definition can be elusive. What is a real fitting and what can it do for your game? Well first off, a true fitting is NOT a 30-minute session involving a store rep looking at your swing and telling you to choose a regular-flex shaft instead of a stiff one. It's not giving you different grips to try, although that can be part of it.

A true fitting involves a complete assessment of your physical skills (both on and off the golf course) paired with a detailed swing analysis and motion report. Club-fitters that can do this are usually skilled individuals that have studied several years about the biomechanics of a golfers swing, and amassed the tools, equipment, and software to effectively analyze every parameter of your swing.

"Every player is unique. They have unique bodies, with a unique history of physical capabilities and strengths. All of this will integrate into how their clubs interact with their bodies in motion," says Jim Yeh, a PhD in Physics and chief club designer of Alpha Golf, who works with hundreds of club-fitting professionals around the world. "When your club can seamlessly flow with your body during a swing and through impact, that's when you know your clubs are perfectly fit for you."

Tony Wright of Game Improvement Golf shares in his book "The Fit is IT!" how golfers need to expect more out of their equipment. Do you ever wonder why you're always in search of the next big driver? Why year after year the improvement has stalled? It's because the "one-size fits all" mentality of clubs purchased off the rack will always be like fitting a square peg into a hole. "The results of getting a true fitting for your clubs will amaze you. It will be an investment that will not only give you the understanding of your swing and how your equipment works with you, but it will provide unparalleled enjoyment of the game through improved performance and skill," says Wright.

Want to learn more? We at Grips4less are working to create a new section for books and videos to aid in your learning - coming soon! In the meantime, you can also check out this group and this group if you're interested in working with a club-fitter in your area.