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5 Tips for Learning the Game of Golf

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Golf, like life, can be rough. But some might say the longer you keep at it, the more enjoyable it becomes. And golf is really a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Some prefer the competition while others just enjoy the exercise and social aspect of friends and family. While golf appears a fairly easy activity it requires an enormous amount of skill.  We've compiled a list of ways to improve your game and develop a lifelong appreciation of the sport.

Take Golf Lessons

Sounds obvious right? Many try to pick up the sport themselves in the hopes of gaining some traction first. But this could NOT be more detrimental. Playing golf successfully requires each player to control the distance, direction and trajectory of the golf ball. Visit a PGA Golf Professional and learn to swing properly from the start. Master the grip, aim and set up to promote the correct sequence of movements throughout the swing.

Practice Consistently

It's easy to practice in the beginning when things are exciting and new. But golf is more about consistency. Learn a repeatable and efficient golf swing.  Many swing faults are the result of unnecessary and extra movements in the swing.  Better players make the swing look effortless through efficient movements.  They seldom create extra and wasted movements.  Therefore, develop a repeatable golf swing through efficient practice sessions, drills and training aids. PGA Tour players hit thousands of balls each week. If your goal is to improve there are no shortcuts. If you do not implement a consistent practice rhythm there is very little chance you will improve.

Keep Learning

After Tiger Woods held the 4 most prestigious golf trophies at the same time he decided to completely overhaul his golf swing. Even the best players continue to improve and learn.  Surround yourself with better players and copy what they do. Recreational golfers will benefit from reading articles and watching videos of a proper swing. There are thousands of books, magazines and articles that explain the proper fundamentals of the golf swing. In addition, there are countless videos, dvd’s and internet instruction videos covering the golf swing.

Develop a Strong Short Game

Instead of slashing drivers for hours focus more energy on getting the ball into the hole.

Players looking to improve need to focus the majority of their time around the practice green. Easily 60% of your score is inside of 100 yards of the hole so sharpen your putting, chipping, pitching and bunker skills. Remember, you only hit driver 14 times per round yet putting can account for as much as 50% of your score.

Set Up Correctly

The golf swing is dependent on doing the previous move correctly. Therefore, a good golf swing starts with the correct set up. The correct set up includes a good grip, proper alignment and stance. In addition, these are all simple adjustments that promote the proper sequence of the golf swing. Pre-swing fundamentals can be practiced anywhere, including the comfort of your own home. Setting up incorrectly promotes extra movements and compensations throughout the swing.

In addition, alterations made in the set up are rather simple and accomplished through repetition. Changing specific movements in the swing are much more complicated and require more repetition.

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