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Who You Callin' Fatso?

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Ever wonder why golfers are always referring to themselves as a "Fatso" or an "Ultra Slim"? Sure, it's good to be self-aware about your size, but we're not diggin' the derogatory terms gentlemen. Or maybe they're just excited to show off their Super Stroke grips.

Super Stroke is actually one of the fastest growing brands of putter grips on Tour. Here's a breakdown of their main 2013 offerings which will also prevent another confused look on your face next time someone says "try out my Fatso".


Super Stroke Fatso 5.0


Previously known as just the "Fatso", these grips have taken the golfing world by storm. Created by the folks at Tiger Shark, these are basically your biggest, baddest grips on the green. Touted as the #1 Jumbo grips on Tour, our reviewers say they're in love with it's solid feel and performance. Weighing in a 90gm, these grips are 10.5" long and 1.67" in diameter.


Super Stroke Slim 3.0


PGA Tour player Jason Dufner is all about these grips. 10.5" long, 60 grams, and 1.3" in diameter. According to Super Stroke, the Slim grips are their most popular model on Tour.


Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0


This is a new grip for 2013, in a favorable 1.2" diameter size and mid-range weight of 50gm. Non-taper technology gives this grip even pressure in both hands, and thereby reduced tension in the wrist and forearms. The Mid Slims were requested by players wanting a size between the Ultra Slim and original Slims.


Super Stroke Ultra Slim 1.0


This is Super Stroke's entry level grip that gives players a taste of their non-tapered technology in a standard size grip. The smallest and lightest grip of the bunch, the Ultra Slims are 1" in diameter and 65gm weight.