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Upright Golf Joe's Original Backtee - Full Description


Tired of all that bending to tee up and then pick up the ball and tee after your shot? Don't quit the game just yet. Try Joe's Original Backtee to do all this. You'll amaze your golfing buddies by never having to bend down before, or after your drive. 

Instructions: Simply clip on Joe's Original Backtee to the butt end of your golf club grip. Then use it to effortlessly set the tee, pick up the ball and place it on the tee. Then after hitting your drive, again use Joe's Original Backtee to pick up the tee. 

WIth Joe's Original Backtee, bending down at the tee box will be a thing of the past, saving you effort and making the game more enjoyable. Comes with (2) White Senior AirLift tees (and also works with standard tees as well).