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Star Grip Sidewinder


The Sidewinder by Star Grip is a high performance non-wrap style grip that provides low handicappers with firmer gripping control and long-lasting durability. The symmetrical "s" gripping texture pattern was chosen to enhance the contact with the club, similar to that provided by corded grips.


100% Made in Chandler, Arizona USA, Star Grips are revolutionary because of their "Seamless True Round Molding" technology. The very  nature of the design guarantees both improved quality and consistency in production output. 


Traditionally golf grips harden over time due to salt, moisture, U.V. and ozone exposure. Every Star Grip comes with a 3-year warranty that the grips will not harden, crack, split, or absorb moisture. This durability will enhance the performance of your swing and improve your performance, whether its your 1st round or your hundredth.