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Rhino Rip Grip Removal Tool - Full Description


The Rhino Rip Grip Removal Tool is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to remove old grips. It's safe and effective because it is designed to slide on top of the shaft and slice the grip without digging into the shaft. This design is one of the important features of the RHINO RIP especially when removing grips from graphite shafts. 


The RHINO RIP is safer than all other blade tools used to remove grips because the RHINO RIP is designed to use an easy motion of pushing the blade away from your body as opposed to other tools that require an awkward motion that has the potential to cause injuries.



The RHINO RIP has been used to remove every type of grip on the market. Rubber, full cord, polymer and leather grips are no problem for the RHINO RIP. In fact, the more difficult the task the more you will appreciate using this tool. Old, hard, brittle grips are no match for the RHINO RIP.