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Matrix Ozik RUL Wood Shaft - Full Description


OZIK RUL is a mid-launching, mid-spinning shaft that incorporates Matrix's Asymmetric Crossply Technology (ACT), enhancing the shaft's ability to recover quickly prior to impact without increasing torque, while at the same time increasing tip velocity. Designs utilizing ACT Technology feature a more active feel without sacrificing stability, resulting in greater distance without a loss of accuracy. Additionally, ACT maximizes club head accelaration producing greater potential tip velocity. This is especially effective for todays modern fairway metals. 


MATRIX developed ACT to accelerate the radial tip rotation back to square, and therefore club head face recovery, to increase the rate of recovery speed into the golf ball. This concept and technology differs from the concept of torque. While increasing torque would provide a more lively tip section, there are unwanted side effects. ACT does not increase the amount of travel the tip rotates, only the speed at which it will recover.