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This holiday season, be prepared with gifts that wow, inspire, and bring a smile even to the pickiest of golfers. Because there's nothing better than a gift that says.. "you are known." :)


For golfers wanting the latest & greatest

Super Stroke Putter grips are the ultimate new technology game-changer. Non-tapered oversize profiles help hands feel at ease, reducing over-gripping, and increasing control. Better control means more accuracy and straighter putts.

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For golfers who plays rain or shine

HJ Winter Performance gloves are perfect for the golfer who's in it to win in. There is no plan B for these folks, which is why they'll have even more of an edge with the HJ Winter Performance golf gloves. These gloves come 2 in a pair, to keep both hands warm and ready for anything.  

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For the rookie soon-to-be-pro golfer

Advanced players tend to enjoy more feedback from their club, rather than having too much shock absorption. They have a strong sense of the club and where the club meets the ball. For these up and coming pros, we recommend the Golf Pride Z-Cord grips. With dual pattern brushed cotton cord plus "deep Z" traction and firmness, the Golf Pride Z-Cord will be sure to take your player to the next level.

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For the "grab and go" player

Players that like to focus on the game, rather than worrying about their grip will surely benefit from the Golf Pride Align grips. With ALIGN technology, players no longer have to guess (or even look) at where their hands need to go. The ALIGN channel ridge that runs along the back of the grip gives you instant feedback and confidence on how to grip your club. Consistent gripping leads to consistent shots and more confidence with each swing.

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For those that want to walk the course, but usually don't.

Let's face it. We all have good intentions when it comes to getting our daily cardio. But more often than not, our feet just don't feel up to the challenge. Whether it be foot pain or blisters, KentWool Socks are the perfect answer for any golfer that wants to walk the course. With their "NO BLISTER Guarantee", your feet will be cradled in soft, comfortable Merino Wool. The hypoallergenic and auto-temperature regulating material (think cool in the summer, and warm in the winter), gives golfers just the right amount of cushion they need for walking, hiking, or pretty much any outdoor activity!

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Need help finding the perfect gift? Send us a message. We'll be thrilled you reached out and are always happy to help. Contact the grips4less gurus :).