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Bundle CP2 + SNSR + Headcover


The CP2 is the softest high-performance grip by Golf Pride. To the touch, players notice the comfortable high traction tacky surface texture. Vibrations from off-center hits are absorbed almost instantly. A unique 2.5” inner core stabilizes the club. Instead of feeling the shaft through the grip, your swing will be solid all the way through. A reduced taper allows players to loosen their grip pressure but still have control of the club.



Players can dial in the feel that fits them best with two Tour proven shapes, the TOUR SNSR CONTOUR and the TOUR SNSR STRAIGHT.


FULL DESCRIPTION - Golf Pride Headcover


Sunfish knit head covers are hand-knit from 100% New Zealand wool. The quality of the wool allows the head cover to last a lifetime. The head cover will not stretch out and will not fade in the sun. Only available in this Limited Edition Golf Pride classic logo style with purchase of this bundle.