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Arm Lock Putter Grips - What You Need to Know

Bryson DeChambeau plays JumboMax JMX 17" Armlock putter grip

Golf trends come and go, keeping the world of golf spinning 'round. But there have been insights from plenty of tour players in recent years that show signs one trend might be here to stay: the Arm Lock putting grip. We're here to break it down with What need to know about the Arm Lock Grip:


// What is an Arm Lock Grip?

The Arm Lock grip essentially makes your leading arm an extension of the club. Using a more bent over stance, and a longer shaft and grip, start by lengthening your leading arm toward the heel of the putter head, while positioning the grip end to around 1 to 1.5" below elbow level. Then lean the shaft/grip along the full length of your forearm. With your guiding hand, wrap your fingers around both the grip and arm, holding the club in place. When you move your arm, the club then moves with it. Watch this 2-minute tutorial on how it works:

// How does an Arm Lock Grip help my putting?

The Arm Lock grip can benefit players who find their wrist overreacting during the putt. By keeping the forearm in full contact with the club, there's minimal chance for wrist movement. And even more importantly, your putt is now more aligned with the rotation of your shoulders. Similar to how oversize grips help minimize hand pressure during the swing, the arm lock grip reduces pressure on the wrists. With this grip, you're forced to putt with the full arm, and not just the hands.


// Are there cons to an Arm Lock Grip?

For some players, having a more bent over stance, or keeping the arm connected to the club may cause discomfort (especially if you have back issues). Also, with the arm lock grip, the shaft will naturally lean towards the target, which requires the putter head to have a few degrees HIGHER loft than usual. This will prevent a negative loft (striking down at the ball) at impact. You'll ideally want to have a putter head with 6 to 8 degrees of loft.


// Do I need a special shaft and grip for Arm Lock?

Yes - to effectively use an arm lock grip, you'll want a longer shaft and a longer grip. The length depends on your height, and we recommend working with a club-fitting professional to determine the height you need. Most players require a grip that's between 17" to 21" in length - check out the JumboMax ArmLock 21" putter grip along with some of these long putter grips.


// Is the armlock putter grip right for you?

The armlock putter grip isn't for everyone. However we're finding golf techniques  that help minimizes tension between you and the club, and those that allow your body to move more uniformly with the club, can actually make a difference. Give it a shot, and let us know!