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What You Need to Know About the Claw Putter Grip

Carol Yeh |


"The Claw" putting grip is becoming a popular style of gripping the putter that helps to align the upper wrist with the putter so that there is minimal wrist motion, and distribute the pressure more evenly in both hands which also helps avoids over-gripping. This gripping style works best with slightly longer grips. Usually anything between 11" to 15" length putter grips work well. A longer length allows you to apply a counterbalance distance between the hands and apply less pressure for better feel and more consistent performance.

Here's the basic breakdown of how to use the claw grip:

1) Your left hand (or non-dominant hand) grips the putter in the normal, neutral position

2) Your right hand is positioned with knuckles facing directly out

3) Position the "V" between the thumb and pointer finger into side of the putter gip

4) Have your thumb naturally wrap around the back of the grip. And the other fingers gently fall to the front of the grip.

With this right-hand (or dominant hand) position, you'll be less likely to move your wrist back and forth, since the wrist is aligned right up against the putter grip itself. Ideally you want one fluid motion that does not get side tracked by a flappy dominant wrist.

Here's a helpful video on how to putt with the claw grip style:


A couple years ago there was actually a putter grip by Super Stroke called "The Claw" grip. It has since been discontinued. We still get lot of inquiries about it from players looking for the right grip to use with the claw grip.

So here are some suggestions of current putter grips that work well with the claw grip style.

Putter grip suitable for the Claw grip style

Winn 15" CounterBalance Putter Grip


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