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What is a Hybrid Golf Grip?

Carol Yeh |

A hybrid golf grip is a dual material grip designed to give each hand a different yet optimal feel during and through the golf swing to help you achieve perfect balance, speed, and accuracy. But why does each hand need a different feel while gripping the club? 
Your brain is divided into 2 hemispheres. And when you grip and swing the club, it takes both sides of your brain to perform this task. 
Not only do each hemisphere control different aspects of our skills and personality. Each side of the brain also controls the muscles on the opposite side of the body. So really when you're gripping your club with both hands, you're actually using both sides of the brain. And each side works differently to help guide and perform the swing. Which is why it makes perfect sense to give each hand a different feel. 
Here are a few popular hybrid golf grips that can make both sides of your brain (and hands) happier on the course.
Golf Pride New Decade Plus4 Hybrid Grips
The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 grip provides a rubber lower grip to minimize pressure in the lower hand. This gives you better control and accuracy as you're able to feel more of the club. The upper portion of the grip is cord. This material provides a firmer feel and stronger feedback, as this gives your non-dominant hand the ability to swing with more power and stability. 
Lamkin Z5 Golf Grips

Featuring (not two) but five (5) distinctive grip zones, the Lamkin Z5 is scientifically engineered to promote proper hand placement and the ideal light-pressure grip with every swing. The grip’s multi-compound foundation is combined with a functional network of textures and patterns to deliver enhanced grip comfort, control and consistency.