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The WEEKender: 10 Things To Do With Golf Balls (other than play golf)

Carol Yeh |

If you haven't checked 'em out yet, we are loving the new golf balls added to Grips4less this week. Nothing like a good fresh ball as you step out to the tee. Completely invigorating when you feel that power transfer from club to ball. Wowza!!

All this ball-talk got us thinking though. Golf balls are certainly a truly beautiful work of art yet completely FUNctional and FUNtastic altogether. So there must be more way to use a golf ball than just to whack the heck out of it on the course. And thus, we bring you:


10 Things To Do With Golf Balls 

other than play golf..

#1 - Make a dog out of golf balls

#2 - Use them as dice that never stop rolling

#3 - Foosball replacement

#4 - Go bobbing for golf balls

#5 - Door knobs

#6 - Use them to save your seat at a movie theater during a potty break

#7 - Replacement eyes for a mannequin

#8 - Glue random balls together, place it on your coffee table and tell guests its the last remnants of a supernova

#9 - Drop several balls down gopher holes

#10 - Make this freaky ANT:


Play "bounce the golf ball" with a fox: