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The WEEKender: 10 Things To Do With Golf Balls (other than play golf)

Posted by Carol Yeh on

If you haven't checked 'em out yet, we are loving the new golf balls added to Grips4less this week. Nothing like a good fresh ball as you step out to the tee. Completely invigorating when you feel that power transfer from club to ball. Wowza!!

All this ball-talk got us thinking though. Golf balls are certainly a truly beautiful work of art yet completely FUNctional and FUNtastic altogether. So there must be more way to use a golf ball than just to whack the heck out of it on the course. And thus, we bring you:


10 Things To Do With Golf Balls 

other than play golf..

#1 - Make a dog out of golf balls

#2 - Use them as dice that never stop rolling

#3 - Foosball replacement

#4 - Go bobbing for golf balls

#5 - Door knobs

#6 - Use them to save your seat at a movie theater during a potty break

#7 - Replacement eyes for a mannequin

#8 - Glue random balls together, place it on your coffee table and tell guests its the last remnants of a supernova

#9 - Drop several balls down gopher holes

#10 - Make this freaky ANT:


Play "bounce the golf ball" with a fox: