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For the Love of GREEN

Carol Yeh |

Green. It's the color of a grass. Cucumbers, trees, and frogs. Oh, and it's also the color of WINS. We're a little obsessed the Masters play this past weekend. So in honor of Mr. Watson, and all things green, here is our list of top green golf grips to get you on your way to your next win. GO GREEN! 

Super Stroke Flatso 1.7 Putter Grip 
The new Super Stroke Flatso putter grip is an oversized grip effective in promoting straight arms, and swinging through the shoulders. A unique pentagonal profile is used along with a larger flat top for more stability and consistency. > Learn more

IOMIC Sticky 1.8 Grip
Incredibly soft and tacky to the touch, you’ll be astounded by how stable and accurate these grips are. You don’t need to give up control and accuracy for feel any longer. > Learn more

Golf Pride New Decade Platinum Grip
This tour-favored hybrid grip fuses together rubber with cord so you get the benefits of a firm feedback in your upper hand, and a soft responsiveness in your lower hand. > Learn more

PURE Midsize Putter Grip
The smooth tacky surface combined rounded edges of the PURE Midsize putter grip ensures light-pressure contact with your hands at all times. PURE grips feature a seamless rubber construction and offers long-lasting optimum feel. > Learn more

KentWool Tour Profile Golf Socks in Augusta Green
We like to think of these socks as grips for your fee. KENTWOOL Performance socks are engineered for blister-free performance. They provide lasting, superior comfort for competitive professionals. Get the no-blister guarantee and start walking the course! > Learn more