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Winn WinnPro X Putter Grips Have Arrived!

Posted by Carol Yeh on

These new WinnPro X Putter Grips by Winn are bad. Bad news for your opponent that is. 

Soft and tacky with a minimal taper profile. The WinnPro X putter grips might just be your secret weapon on the green. A paddle style profile helps to minimize wrist movement. The tacky surface allows you to grip your putter lightly (like your teaching pro always harps about) thus increasing stability and control. Available in 3 diameters to fit your putting style. 


WinnPro X 1.18"  Putter Grips (Standard)



WinnPro X 1.32" Putter Grips (Midsize)



WinnPro X 1.60" Putter Grips (Oversize)


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