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Firm Golf Grips

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Golf grips are arguably the most important equipment you can choose because it's the only part of the club that touches your body. Choosing the right grip for your playing style and preference can take your game to the next level by improving accuracy and performance.

You have a preference on how much you'd like to feel your shot. For some, this means sensing the subtlety of hitting your club head on the sweet spot verses playing it slightly off the toe or heel. If you find yourself gripping your clubs tightly during a swing, this could mean you are inadvertently looking for more feedback in your grips.

Firm golf grips can provide maximum control and instantaneous feedback. The firmer the grips, the more you will feel how you are striking the ball. The tradeoff, keep in mind, will be comfort and softness. Playing with softer grips are beneficial for those with arthritis or hand injuries. Generally, you will find comfort and control to be a continual tradeoff when selecting grips.

We at Grips4less have gone through our entire inventory of golf grips, tested them using industry hardness standards, and found the firmest grips for you to choose from.

Select from the top brands of firm golf grips at including Golf Pride, Winn Grips, PURE Grips, Lamkin grips and more.. Need help in selecting the right grip, give us a call - 1-800-2-564-0862. Our grip gurus would love to assist you in your search.