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Are you sure that's a RIBBED golf grip?

Akbar Ali |

We get a lot of calls from people that have ordered ribbed grips (for the first time). They take a good look at their new grips, and then pick up the phone to call us and say "You sent me the wrong grips. I wanted RIBBED grips".

While it's very possible that we did send the wrong grips, 99% of the time, we find that its actually our customer who didn't realize that the grip in their hands are actually ribbed. And the confusion persists.. understandably.

You see, ribbed grips look IDENTICAL to round grips. Unless they are installed onto the shaft. Ribbed grips have a little ridge on the INSIDE of the grip surface. This ridge will only pertrude to the outside once it's been properly installed. Even then it won't be very visible. But you will feel the rib on the outside of the grip when you put your hands on it.

Sometimes called "Reminder" grips, the rib is there to help guide your hand placement before and during the swing. If you've been confused by the difference between "Ribbed" and round grips in the past, rest assured you're not alone.

When ordering ribbed grips, make sure to select the product code with the "X" in it - like 58X or 60X. Round grips are notated with an "R" like 58R and 60R.

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