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Star Grips - Everything You Need to Know

// Made in USA + 3-Year Warranty

Fewer and fewer products are made in USA these days, which is why Star Grips are so unique. Not only have they been designing AND manufacturing top quality golf grips for over 30 years (in Chandler, Arizona), they also offer an unprecedented 3-year manufacture warranty. Over the years, their best in class designs have been imitated by several OEM grip competitors. But Star Grips continues to set itself apart with their singular focus on functional durability, and an unwavering commitment to manufacturing in the US.


// No Logo & 360 Styles
Star Grips offers the largest selection of 360 (great for adjustable clubs) and no-logo grip styles. Don't want to be a walking billboard? Then Star Grips is for you. Simple designs with an emphasis on functional quality means the only things your grips will do is improve your game


// Durability & weather resistance
Made from a proprietary EPDM elastomer, and crafted using their “Seamless True Round Molding” process, Star Grips will NOT crack, fade, harden, or absorb moisture. Round after round, Star Grips will maintain its feel and performance. This means more consistency, and one less thing you have to worry about.


// Installation with compressor air tool
Star Grips can be installed using an air compressor tool, as well as the traditional tape & solvent method. The benefit of an air compressor tool is lower overall cost, faster install (no waiting to dry), and no mess!


// Style Comparison

Model Classic Wrap Sidewinder Mid Size Tour Star
Available Sizes Std, Und, Jr Std, Mid, Und Mid Std+, Over+
Style Perforated Wrap Light traction (1 piece) Perforated Wrap Cushioned wrap
Feel Firm Med Firm Med Soft Soft
Profile Traditional Taper
Traditional Taper
Traditional Taper
Reduced Taper
360 / No Logo
No logo only
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