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IOMIC Sticky Opus 3 Grip Full Description


Soft and tacky, the IOMIC Sticky Opus 3 grips are all about feel and performance. You’ll experience comfort with amazing control. A low torque of 2.7 ensures minimal dispersion for straighter and longer shots. An original marble coloring process is used to create a bold and fresh look utilizing the Sticky grips as the base.


Iomic Grips are revolutionary because of their innovative IOMAX Elastomer. It's the perfect material for your grip, and here's why:


IOMAX improves the accuracy of your shots. IOMIC Grips feature both a soft feel and a firm texture, which minimizes torque. This means you’ll experience more stability during your swing and lower shot dispersion. No other grip manufacturer focuses on (and actually measures) the torque of your grips like IOMIC does.


IOMAX is 100% water resistant! Yes, 100%. Think windshield wipers. These grips will not hold an ounce of moisture, helping to keep your grip dry and in contact all throughout your swing. In addition, the IOMAX is also completely UV resistant. This means no fading, drying, or cracking. These grips will feel and look brand new whether it's your first round or your 20th round. 


All IOMIC grips are made in Japan.

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