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Matrix Golf Shafts

Carol Yeh |


Let's face it. Golf shafts are like a black hole. A BIG BLACK HOLE. Some call the golf shaft the engine of your club. Others think one or 2 parameters of the shaft are all that matter. The truth lies somewhere in between. Few know this better than the engineers at Matrix Golf Shaft, who have successfully married both scientific technologies and the art of feel into their acclaimed Ozik shaft series.

Check out these top-rated Matrix Ozik shafts - now available at Grips4less!

Matrix Ozik TPHD
This mid-high launch shaft features Interply hybrid technology combined with HD internal structure to provide an soft overall feel ... > Learn more

Matrix Ozik X3 (White Tie)
The mid-launch Ozik X3 shaft utilizes "HD" Design - the hexadecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the shaft designs are built.. > Learn more

Matrix Ozik M3 (Black Tie)
The low-launch Ozik M3 line The OZIK M3 shaft represents the culmination of what Matrix has learned in recent years regarding what the young, aggressive power players on the PGA Tour demand.. > Learn more

Matrix Ozik RUL
OZIK RUL is a mid-launching, mid-spinning shaft that incorporates Matrix's Asymmetric Crossply Technology (ACT), enhancing the shaft's ability to recover quickly prior to impact without increasing torque.. > Learn more