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5 things to look for in a golf teaching professional

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So many of us love to focus on our equipment. [Guilty!] Having the latest/greatest can often make us feel like we're on top of our game. But deep down we all know even more so than your equipment is actually learning the game. Doing your homework to understand your swing and practicing through the long hard dip that so many often give up in.

In the quest to better our playing skills, there's no better investment that finding a good teaching professional. There are many different skill sets that you'll want to look for in a PGA Teaching Professional. A great teaching professional will show compassion, understanding and motivation to help you reach your potential. The following tips will help you locate the right teacher for your game.


Gender will not specifically make someone a good teacher. Many men or women might prefer to work with a same or opposite sex instructor. Gender is merely a preference and provides a comfort level for a student. A good teacher will base their instruction on variables such as age, physical ability, personality, learning style, athletic ability and current performance level.

Golf Knowledge

Golf knowledge is acquired through a number of ways. A good instructor is a student of the game and has studied the golf swing. Most likely they have been mentored by a good instructor. They understand the basic ball flight laws and cause and effect relationship of the golf swing. A great teacher does not have to be a tour player, however, they should be proficient. A great instructor will have the ability to develop an efficient swing and eliminate unnecessary movements.

Communication Skills

It does not matter how skilled the instructor, if they can’t communicate their message the student and instructor will be frustrated. Every student learns differently, whether visually, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination of all three. Make sure the instructor listens to the student’s individual needs rather then teaching the same swing and style to every student. A good teacher will have the ability to explain the same concept in a number of different ways and relate other sports skills similar to golf.

Video and Teaching Aids

Technology makes learning golf much easier. Verify the instructor uses teaching aids and video during a session. Video allows you to view, analyze and diagnose swing faults. In addition, compare a current swing with a previous swing or golf professional. Swings can be compared in a frame by frame basis and emailed straight to the student.

It can take weeks or even months before changes occur in your golf swing. Permanent changes are reached with the repetition of drills and teaching aids.


Great teachers have enthusiasm for the game of golf. Every student is different and requires a different strategy to reach their potential. A great teacher recognizes strengths, weaknesses and helps set specific and measurable goals. They will make you a better golfer and motivate you in the process.