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At Grips4less, we make it our mission to offer the best and biggest selection of golf grips, golf shafts, and club-building supplies you'll find anywhere! 

Golf grips are the only point of contact you actually have with your golf club. Which is why it's important to choose the right grip for your game.

Selecting a golf grip involves several different factors, one of the most important of which is the golf grip brand. Let's review some of the key features of the top brands we carry, along with each brand's style, technologies, and price-points.


Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride is one of the top manufacturers of golf grips in the US. They have several well-known and Tour-proven product lines, including the Tour Velvet, Tour Wrap, and most recently, the New Decade Multicompound and less tapered MCC Plus4 golf grip collections (hybrid grips that combine rubber and cord). Golf Pride is known for their innovative rubber and cord technology, which produces consistently high-performing golf grips. Durability and precision is a hallmark of their designs. The price-point of Golf Grips is considered mid to mid-high.



Iomic is a golf grip manufacturer in Japan. While they are new to the US market, their golf grips, such as the IOMIC Sticky collection, have been one of the top-selling brands in Asia for several decades. Their proprietary IOMAX technology makes Iomic grips 100% waterproof, UV protected, non-color transferrable (the color of the grips will never rub off on your golf glove!), and incredibly tacky and soft. In addition, Iomic grips are known for being remarkably low torque. This means as your swing your club, the grip itself will experience minimal twisting, which means more control and consistency. Their collection includes all different sizes, colors/styles, and traction preferences. For more traction, check out the IOMIC X-Grip Collection. For fun colors and styles, see the IOMIC Opus Collection. Iomic Grips have a high price point.


Winn Grips

Winn Grips is the first manufacturer to bring polymer material technology to golf. Their proprietary Excel and Dri-tac grips have been widely acclaimed by golf professionals and amateurs alike. Some of the key benefits of Winn Grips include a remarkably soft and tacky feel, along with all weather durability. Winn creates some of the softest grips in the industry insomuch that players with arthritis use them to continue playing golf with minimal wrist and hand pain. The price point of Winn Grips is mid-level.


Super Stroke Grips

Super Stroke is a relatively newer brand in the industry. However in the short amount of time they've been around, they've made quite a splash in the world of golf especially when it comes to the putter grip. Their putter grips are noticeably larger (in diameter) and primarily non-tapered. The benefits of non-tapered grips were highlighted and proven with dozens of Tour wins, to include lighter grip pressure and better control and accuracy. Some of the popular styles include the Super Stroke Legacy Grips, Flatso, Fatso, and Slim styles. More recently, Super Stroke has also introduced swing grips into their line-up, including the Cross Comfort and S-Tech lines. The price point of Super Stroke grips is mid to mid-high.


Lamkin Grips

Lamkin is a long-standing company in the world of golf, and has established itself with high-performance grips that continue to garner the favor of PGA Tour Professionals, teaching professionals, and amateur players alike. Lamkin grips feature enhanced synthetic rubber and/or cord materials along with vibrant and technologically advanced designs. The Crossline series is one of the most popular Lamkin grip collections, and are designed to be a medium firm, high traction grip. The R.E.L, and Z5 series are also popular amongst golfers looking for a balanced soft grip with control.


PURE Grips

Pure Grips is one of few major US manufacturers of golf grips. Pure Grips are made from a proprietary rubber compound in Mesa, Arizona. Each grip comes with a 12-month "stay tacky" guarantee, and are innovatively designed to use with a tapeless installation process (using just a Pure Grips Tapeless Installer Airgun). The most popular models from PURE Grips are the Pure Pro (medium traction), Pure Wrap, and DTX styles.


JumboMax Grips

JumboMax Grips are uniquely designed oversize grips that tout more distance, accuracy, and high shock-absorption for players of all levels. By using an oversize grip, players may experience less tension in hands and avoid overgripping. JumboMax grips range in non-standard sizes from Small to X-Large.


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